New Zealand white rabbits, all-wire quonset cages, workshops, manure

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New Zealand white rabbits, all-wire quonset cages, workshops, manure

Robert's Rabbits

Established breeder in Skagit County, Washington.


Also available:

All-wire quonset-style hutches.

"Table-frames" - hutch support tables.

Workshops - "Raising Meat Rabbits."

Rabbit manure - The Supreme Soil Builder.

Delivery available.

360 873 4513

[email protected]

Your patronage supports local, sustainable, and humane food production.

Thank you.


All-wire quonset-style production hutches/cages

Brand-new.  State-of-the-art.  High-quality construction (I've made a lot of them).  Standard size is 30" x 36" x 18" (high).  Prices: one at $75.  A pair at $140.

This is a most efficient design for raising meat rabbits.  (For reference, see textbook "Rabbit Production" by McNitt, et al, p. 64.)

Rabbits, esp. New Zealands, need grass hay, free-choice, for optimum digestive health.  When two hutches are paired side-by-side, a large natural hayrack is created.  Rabbits pull hay through the wire to eat.  This also helps reduce hay from accumulating on the hutch floor and getting wet and soiled, which promotes rust and disease, and reduces the time required to keep the hutch floor clean.  A large door is conveniently situated allowing easy access to all corners of the hutch.  The door opens up and out, and stays in the open position when needed. 

If you buy one cage for the pattern so you can make your own, you will save quite a bit of wire with the quonset design vs. the standard rectangular-style cage.  Another advantage of the quonset over the box hutch is greater structural rigidity/less sagging.

Baby-saver wire - add $15. per hutch.

The two-hutch support table (see photos) is $125.

The one-hutch table is ideal for use in quaranteening new rabbits to your herd.

I also sell cage wire (36" widths) by the foot and do cage upgrades and repairs.

Also available:  Innovative, low-cost, stand-alone 4-hutch rabbit shelters; simple, gravity-fed automatic watering systems; and hutch accessories.

I can meet you in Burlington, WA with a hutch to show, and demonstrate just how much better the quonset-style is.  You owe it to yourself and your rabbits.


Workshop - Raising Meat Rabbits

Thinking of raising meat rabbits?  Many people are.  Come learn about the world's #1 meat rabbit, the New Zealand White. 

The NZW is close to being the ideal animal to raise, to increase your personal and family food security.  Three does and one buck can produce more meat in a year than a beef cow.

The workshop will cover rabbit care, and what is involved in developing and maintaining a humane, family-scale rabbitry.

Experience a working rabbitry.  Get a sense of the animals and their qualities.

See state-of-the-art quonset-style hutches/cages; and innovative, easy-to-clean "table-frames"/hutch support tables.

Become more self-reliant!  This workshop is a very good start.  Three hours @ $25. per person.  You can't afford not to attend!

If at all possible, read "Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits" by Bob Bennett ahead of time.


Rabbit Manure - Supreme Soil Builder

Rabbit manure is one of the very best natural fertilizers/soil amendments. It is a cold manure, meaning it can be applied directly to the soil around your plants, no composting necessary.  Will not burn plant roots.  Add rabbit manure to your dirt, and you'll have good, organic soil.  You will be amazed at how much better your tomato plants grow when used as top dressing.  And if you raise composting worms, there's no better feed for them.

Rabbit manure is available in two forms:

1)  Screened.

This is 99% "bunny berries" - no rocks or hay, dry, odorless, and stores extremely well.

Compare to "Osmocote" plant food.

In full, 50 lb.-size feed sacks @ $20. per sack.  

2)  Bulk/Unscreened.  

Same as screened, except contains about 15% fine, loose hay; no clumps.  

A 32-gallon can full (= two and a half 50 lb.-size feed sacks) @ $25. per can.

Delivery available.


Please read - an excellent article for reference:  

"Bunnies Are Fluffy and So Much More" by Annette Cottrell at


"Rabbit meat is the most nutritious meat known to man." - USDA


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